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Fix warning about QDeviceDiscovery violating ODR rule
When compiling with GCC 4.9's LTO, the compiler realizes that the class looks different in two different compilation units and prints a warning. Adding the necessary #define will make sure that the warning isn't printed. It's possible the warning indicates a real problem, if the class actually got used in those two plugins. I wouldn't know. QtPlatformSupport/private/.../qdevicediscovery_p.h:66:7: warning: type ‘struct QDeviceDiscovery’ violates one definition rule .moc/.../qdevicediscovery_p.h:66:7: note: a type with the same name but different layout is defined in another translation unit Change-Id: I73ca8e553e392b8d368f0deaa318d3e6635d73e1 Reviewed-by: Laszlo Agocs <>
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@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ QT += core-private gui-private platformsupport-private
SOURCES = main.cpp qlinuxfbintegration.cpp qlinuxfbscreen.cpp
HEADERS = qlinuxfbintegration.h qlinuxfbscreen.h
CONFIG += qpa/genericunixfontdatabase