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authorSamuel Rødal <>2011-07-21 13:50:28 +0200
committerJørgen Lind <>2011-07-25 13:52:09 +0200
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Added workable QScreen API on top of QPlatformScreen.
QPlatformIntegration::screens() no longer has to be implemented, implementations should call QPlatformIntegration::screenAdded() for each screen instead. This is for being able to support adding screens at run-time later on, by connecting it to a signal in QGuiApplication. The QGuiGLContext API has changed a bit, by not sending in all the parameters in the constructor but instead having a create() function. The createPlatformGLContext() factory in QPlatformIntegration takes a QGuiGLContext * instead of a QSurfaceFormat and a share context, similar to how the window and backing store factory functions work. The XCB plugin has experimental support for connecting to multiple X displays simultaneously, creating one or more QScreen for each. Change-Id: I248a22a4fd3481280710110272c04a30a8021e8f Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Qt Sanity Bot <> Reviewed-by: Jørgen Lind <>
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diff --git a/src/plugins/platforms/minimal/qminimalintegration.h b/src/plugins/platforms/minimal/qminimalintegration.h
index 52e4c0a6f3..d64932c5e6 100644
--- a/src/plugins/platforms/minimal/qminimalintegration.h
+++ b/src/plugins/platforms/minimal/qminimalintegration.h
@@ -71,15 +71,10 @@ public:
bool hasCapability(QPlatformIntegration::Capability cap) const;
- QPlatformPixmap *createPlatformPixmap(QPlatformPixmap::PixelType type) const;
QPlatformWindow *createPlatformWindow(QWindow *window) const;
- QPlatformBackingStore *createPlatformBackingStore(QWindow *window) const;
- QAbstractEventDispatcher *createEventDispatcher() const;
- QList<QPlatformScreen *> screens() const { return mScreens; }
+ QPlatformBackingStore *createPlatformBackingStore(QWindow *window) const;
- QList<QPlatformScreen *> mScreens;
+ QAbstractEventDispatcher *createEventDispatcher() const;