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Only turn off font hinting when really scaling
We don't want to turn off font hinting based on whether auto-scaling is on, otherwise Qt Creator will look bad on a low-DPI screen. Instead, we turn it off only if we have at least one screen that is scaled. QHighDpiScaling::isActive() now means that there is actual scaling going on. There is currently no need for the old meaning, so this change does not include QHighDpiScaling::isEnabled(). Note that nothing can save us from the case where there is one high-DPI and one low-DPI screen. In that case we choose looking bad on the low-DPI screen instead of looking like crap on the high-DPI screen. Also note that our font system we doesn't allow us to change our minds on hinting later when screens are plugged in or removed. Change-Id: I14a4ec7a49f4ba74a4c74684c7b951d0a71b951d Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <>
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