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authorGatis Paeglis <>2019-01-16 15:12:16 +0800
committerLiang Qi <>2019-02-06 22:11:44 +0000
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xcb: respect big-request encoding in max request size
From big-request specification: "This extension defines a mechanism for extending the length field beyond 16 bits. If the normal 16-bit length field of the protocol request is zero, then an additional 32-bit field containing the actual length (in 4-byte units) is inserted into the request, immediately following the 16-bit length field." Meaning that the request requires 4 additional bytes. This patch provides a convenience API for calculating maximum request data size. Besides fixing QTBUG-73044, it was also discovered that calculations for xcb_image_put (in QXcbBackingStoreImage::flushPixmap) were wrong. The code assumed that xcb_get_maximum_request_length() returns bytes, but what it actually returns is length which is measured in four-byte units. This means that we were sending 4x less bytes than allowed by the protocol. Furthermore, use the actual 'stride' (bytes per line) value when calculating rows_per_put. The new stride value was introduced by 760b2929a3b268e2edf14a561329bdb78fbdc26e, but was not updated in rows_per_put calculations. Fixes: QTBUG-73044 Done-with: JiDe Zhang <> Done-with: Mikhail Svetkin <> Change-Id: I06beb6082da3e8bc78225a87603914e796fe5878 Reviewed-by: Błażej Szczygieł <> Reviewed-by: JiDe Zhang <> Reviewed-by: Mikhail Svetkin <> Reviewed-by: Uli Schlachter <> Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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diff --git a/src/plugins/platforms/xcb/qxcbbackingstore.cpp b/src/plugins/platforms/xcb/qxcbbackingstore.cpp
index f9240a45cc..741317d766 100644
--- a/src/plugins/platforms/xcb/qxcbbackingstore.cpp
+++ b/src/plugins/platforms/xcb/qxcbbackingstore.cpp
@@ -641,17 +641,17 @@ void QXcbBackingStoreImage::flushPixmap(const QRegion &region, bool fullRegion)
xcb_subimage.bit_order = m_xcb_image->bit_order;
const bool needsByteSwap = xcb_subimage.byte_order != m_xcb_image->byte_order;
+ // Ensure that we don't send more than maxPutImageRequestDataBytes per request.
+ const auto maxPutImageRequestDataBytes = connection()->maxRequestDataBytes(sizeof(xcb_put_image_request_t));
for (const QRect &rect : region) {
- // We must make sure that each request is not larger than max_req_size.
- // Each request takes req_size + m_xcb_image->stride * height bytes.
- static const uint32_t req_size = sizeof(xcb_put_image_request_t);
- const uint32_t max_req_size = xcb_get_maximum_request_length(xcb_connection());
- const int rows_per_put = (max_req_size - req_size) / m_xcb_image->stride;
+ const quint32 stride = round_up_scanline(rect.width() * m_qimage.depth(), xcb_subimage.scanline_pad) >> 3;
+ const int rows_per_put = maxPutImageRequestDataBytes / stride;
// This assert could trigger if a single row has more pixels than fit in
- // a single PutImage request. However, max_req_size is guaranteed to be
- // at least 16384 bytes. That should be enough for quite large images.
+ // a single PutImage request. In the absence of the BIG-REQUESTS extension
+ // the theoretical maximum lengths of maxPutImageRequestDataBytes can be
+ // roughly 256kB.
Q_ASSERT(rows_per_put > 0);
// If we upload the whole image in a single chunk, the result might be
@@ -666,9 +666,10 @@ void QXcbBackingStoreImage::flushPixmap(const QRegion &region, bool fullRegion)
while (height > 0) {
const int rows = std::min(height, rows_per_put);
const QRect subRect(x, y, width, rows);
- const quint32 stride = round_up_scanline(width * m_qimage.depth(), xcb_subimage.scanline_pad) >> 3;
const QImage subImage = native_sub_image(&m_flushBuffer, stride, m_qimage, subRect, needsByteSwap);
+ Q_ASSERT(static_cast<size_t>(subImage.sizeInBytes()) <= maxPutImageRequestDataBytes);
xcb_subimage.width = width;
xcb_subimage.height = rows; = const_cast<uint8_t *>(subImage.constBits());