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iOS: Clear focusObject if first responder is set to null
In certain cases we were still showing a cursor in a TextInput even though the keyboard was hidden programmatically. Change-Id: I48ebb6b8bc0382236b1ea5835e68eae48ece2b4f Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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@@ -318,7 +318,11 @@
// a regular responder transfer to another window. In the former case, iOS
// will set the new first-responder to our next-responder, and in the latter
// case we'll have an active responder candidate.
- if ([UIResponder currentFirstResponder] == [self nextResponder]) {
+ if (![UIResponder currentFirstResponder]) {
+ // No first responder set anymore, sync this with Qt by clearing the
+ // focus object.
+ m_inputContext->clearCurrentFocusObject();
+ } else if ([UIResponder currentFirstResponder] == [self nextResponder]) {
// We have resigned the keyboard, and transferred first responder back to the parent view
if ([self currentImeState:Qt::ImEnabled].toBool()) {