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sqlite: Fix QSqlError handling when opening/closing database
Both sqlite3_open_v2 and sqlite3_close are documented to return an error code: However, those were ignored (other than checking whether the operation succeeded), causing QSqlError::nativeErrorCode() to always be "-1" when there was an error while opening/closing the database. Additionally, the error string needs to be read (via sqlite3_errmsg16) in qMakeError *before* d->access is set to 0, or the databaseText() will always be "out of memory" no matter what error actually happened. Task-number: QTBUG-70506 Change-Id: I75cbf178c9711442e640afd26c4502214d20c598 Reviewed-by: Andy Shaw <> Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <> Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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