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pro2cmake: Generate public CMake API code for projects by default
Previously pro2cmake assumed that all .pro were internal Qt projects like qtbase/src/ and generated private api calls like qt_internal_add_module(). Public CMake API calls (like qt_add_executable) were only generated if an --is-example command line flag was passed to the script or if the .pro file was located under the examples subfolder of a qt repo source directory (indicated by the presence of a .qmake.conf file). Change the logic to always generate public CMake API code by default, unless a .cmake.conf/.qmake.conf file is encountered with a valid repo module version inside, in which case apply the old heuristic of checking for the ./examples subfolder. The intention is to have a sensible default so that Qt users can use the script to more easily migrate their qmake projects without having to explicitly specify the --is-example flag. Pick-to: 6.2 Task-number: QTBUG-96799 Change-Id: I38f4f1b349a5b9688cf7bc5914d4fde72e660a98 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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