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Include harfbuzz header files without harfbuzz/ parent directory
This is in accordance to the examples from harfbuzz docs: The fix is because `pkg-config --cflags harfbuzz` returns the subdirectory as include path, for example: -I /usr/local/include/harfbuzz and this caused the system-harfbuzz not to be found when /usr/local/include was not included by default (recent change on macOS) and the code was doing #include <harfbuzz/hb.h>. Fixes: QTBUG-85568 Change-Id: I12a34638e8ad5e3085768828457f0bfa1a2c68ad Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <> Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <> Reviewed-by: Konstantin Ritt <>
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