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Adapt qmake's raw-string parser to avoid confusion by macros
A macro name ending in R might expand to a string; if this precedes a string constant, we're juxtaposing the strings. My first parser for raw strings would mistake it for a raw string instead, ignoring the part of the identifier before R. Re-worked the exploration of what came before the string to catch these cases, too. The backwards parsing would also allow any messy jumble of [RLUu8]* as prefix for the string; but in fact R must (if present) be last in the prefix and *it* can have at most one prefix, [LUu] or u8. Anything else is an identifier that happens to precede the string. Reworked the parsing to allow only one prefix and not treat R specially unless it's immediately (modulo BSNL) before the string's open-quotes. Add link to the cppreference page about string literals, on which the grammar now parsed is based. Added a test for the issue this addresses. Verified that this fails on 5.6, dev and 5.9 without the fix. Expanded the existing test to cover R-with-prefix cases. Task-number: QTBUG-55633 Change-Id: I541486c2ec909cfb42050907c84bee83ead4a2f4 Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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