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QTest: add debugger detection for macOS
Which, in Mach speak, is an exception handler for the process. Also check if the crash reporter is in a mode that will show a dialog for any crashed process. If so, leave it to that crash reporter to do stack traces. This patch has the nice side-effect that a crashing test won't have both a debugger and CrashReporter generate stack traces. You can check the settings for CrashReporter on macOS with the command: defaults read DialogType If it is set to 'basic' or 'developer' or 'crashreport', CrashReporter will show the dialog. If set to 'server' it won't. Any unattended system should have it set to 'server' (which will have QTest invoke lldb to generate stack traces): defaults write DialogType server Change-Id: I39153e44cff15c00341857f178b1dcfab154f8ee Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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