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Windows: Change default hinting preference for high-dpi
When high-dpi is enabled, we would previously default to QFont::PreferVerticalHinting which maps to the asymmetric antialiasing strategy, where only horizontal antialiasing is enabled. The idea behind this is that it provides crisper text, especially for smaller font sizes, but for larger font sizes the aliasing artifacts outweigh the added sharpness. Inspecting native Windows applications, such as the system settings, it looks like asymmetric antialiasing is used up to a certain font size threshold. The documentation uses a font size of 16 as the suggested threshold. In accordance with the documentation, we use PreferNoHinting for font sizes above this threshold. [ChangeLog][Windows] When high-dpi scaling is active, the default text antialiasing has been set to symmetric for larger fonts (pixel size higher than 16 px). The old default can be selected manually as QFont::PreferVerticalHinting. Fixes: QTBUG-99066 Change-Id: Ibf53556f6e2cbbe1dc5d30c6c1743a499a99a90b Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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