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QtSql: remove \link usages
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\header \li Driver name \li DBMS
- \row \li \link #QDB2 QDB2\endlink \li IBM DB2 (version 7.1 and above)
- \row \li \link #QIBASE QIBASE\endlink \li Borland InterBase
- \row \li \link #QMYSQL QMYSQL\endlink \li MySQL
- \row \li \link #QOCI QOCI\endlink \li Oracle Call Interface Driver
- \row \li \link #QODBC QODBC\endlink
+ \row \li \l{#QDB2}{QDB2} \li IBM DB2 (version 7.1 and above)
+ \row \li \l{#QIBASE}{QIBASE} \li Borland InterBase
+ \row \li \l{#QMYSQL}{QMYSQL} \li MySQL
+ \row \li \l{#QOCI}{QOCI} \li Oracle Call Interface Driver
+ \row \li \l{#QODBC}{QODBC}
\li Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) - Microsoft SQL Server and other
ODBC-compliant databases
- \row \li \link #QPSQL QPSQL\endlink \li PostgreSQL (versions 7.3 and above)
- \row \li \link #QSQLITE2 QSQLITE2\endlink \li SQLite version 2
- \row \li \link #QSQLITE QSQLITE\endlink \li SQLite version 3
- \row \li \link #QTDS QTDS\endlink \li Sybase Adaptive Server \note obsolete from Qt 4.7
+ \row \li \l{#QPSQL}{QPSQL} \li PostgreSQL (versions 7.3 and above)
+ \row \li \l{#QSQLITE2}{QSQLITE2} \li SQLite version 2
+ \row \li \l{#QSQLITE}{QSQLITE} \li SQLite version 3
+ \row \li \l{#QTDS}{QTDS} \li Sybase Adaptive Server \note obsolete from Qt 4.7
SQLite is the in-process database system with the best test coverage