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QtSql: mark QSqlite2 plugin as obsolete
Mark QSqlite2 plugin as obsolete so it can be removed with Qt6. The last sqlite2 release was 2005 so it's time to remove this plugin in Qt6. [ChangeLog][QtSql][SQlite2] Marked QSQLITE2 plugin as obsolete - it will be removed with Qt6 together with the QTDS plugin Change-Id: I9861331d4eb2b13f38b9e0e09ad9472b70e9b6e2 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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\li Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) - Microsoft SQL Server and other
ODBC-compliant databases
\row \li \l{#QPSQL}{QPSQL} \li PostgreSQL (versions 7.3 and above)
- \row \li \l{#QSQLITE2}{QSQLITE2} \li SQLite version 2
+ \row \li \l{#QSQLITE2}{QSQLITE2} \li SQLite version 2 \note obsolete since Qt 5.14
\row \li \l{#QSQLITE}{QSQLITE} \li SQLite version 3
- \row \li \l{#QTDS}{QTDS} \li Sybase Adaptive Server \note obsolete from Qt 4.7
+ \row \li \l{#QTDS}{QTDS} \li Sybase Adaptive Server \note obsolete since Qt 4.7
SQLite is the in-process database system with the best test coverage