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Doc/SQL: update sql driver creation instructions
Fix the links, remove section about Q_ODBC_VERSION_2 - it wasn't there since Qt5.0. Change-Id: I571f5c2cf0f0e2df38638299c26814b510d1a8af Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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\section3 How to Build the QMYSQL Plugin on Windows
You need to get the MySQL installation files (e.g.
- \e{mysql-installer-web-community-}). Run the installer,
+ \l {}{mysql-installer-web-community-}).
+ Run the installer,
select custom installation and install the MySQL C Connector
which matches your Qt installation (x86 or x64).
After installation make sure that the needed files are there:
@@ -192,9 +193,9 @@
When you distribute your application, remember to include libmysql.dll
in your installation package. It must be placed in the same folder
- as the application executable. libmysql.dll additionally needs the
+ as the application executable. \e libmysql.dll additionally needs the
MSVC runtime libraries which can be installed with vcredist.exe
- (\l {}(vcredist.exe)
+ (\l {}{vcredist.exe}
\target QOCI
\section2 QOCI for the Oracle Call Interface (OCI)
@@ -356,10 +357,6 @@
Windows NT based systems, this is the default. Note that the ODBC
driver and the DBMS must also support Unicode.
- Some driver managers and drivers do not support UNICODE. To use the
- QODBC plugin with such drivers, it has to be compiled with
- Q_ODBC_VERSION_2 defined.
For the Oracle 9 ODBC driver (Windows), it is necessary to check
"SQL_WCHAR support" in the ODBC driver manager otherwise Oracle
will convert all Unicode strings to local 8-bit.