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-Before building the Qt library, the Qt SQL module can be enabled for
-specific databases using 'configure'. 'configure' is located at the
-top of your QTDIR.
-Specific databases drivers can be enabled using one of the following
- ./configure [-qt-sql-<driver>] [-plugin-sql-<driver>]
-or disabled using the following option:
- ./configure [-no-sql-<driver>]
-Where <driver> is the name of the driver, for example 'psql'. This
-will configure the Qt library to compile the specified driver into
-the Qt lib itself.
-For example, to build the PostgreSQL driver directly into the Qt
-library, configure Qt like this:
- ./configure -qt-sql-psql
-In addition, you may need to specify an extra include path, as some
-database drivers require headers for the database they are using,
-for example:
- ./configure -qt-sql-psql -I/usr/local/include
-If instead you need to build the PostgreSQL driver as a dynamically
-loaded plugin, configure Qt like this:
- ./configure -plugin-sql-psql
-To compile drivers as dynamically loaded plugins, see the
-QTDIR/plugins/src/sqldrivers directory. Use 'configure -help'
-for a complete list of configure options. See the Qt documentation
-for a complete list of supported database drivers.