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Add SQLite specific documentation when specifying a database name
Fixes: QTBUG-67847 Change-Id: I3c640233526260b596e8224dc48f713a3f0cff56 Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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@@ -881,6 +881,14 @@ bool QSqlDatabase::rollback()
connection name must be passed to addDatabase() at connection
object create time.
+ For the QSQLITE driver, if the database name specified does not
+ exist, then it will create the file for you unless the
+ QSQLITE_OPEN_READONLY option is set.
+ Additionally, \a name can be set to \c ":memory:" which will
+ create a temporary database which is only available for the
+ lifetime of the application.
For the QOCI (Oracle) driver, the database name is the TNS
Service Name.