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authorVincas Dargis <>2019-03-22 10:40:12 +0200
committerVincas Dargis <>2019-03-26 06:12:10 +0000
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parenta57ac1b20e34decced0355935fe352eb55f51e5c (diff)
QSqlError: fix redundant space in text() output
QSqlError::text() returns single space if QSqlError is not valid. In addition, it adds space in case one of driverText or databaseText is empty. Change condition upon which space is added between databaseText and driverText, and update unit test to cover these cases. Fixes: QTBUG-74575 Change-Id: I52cce9b0287a523d7ff9059cff38bcd8b26eb303 Reviewed-by: Andy Shaw <>
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diff --git a/src/sql/kernel/qsqlerror.cpp b/src/sql/kernel/qsqlerror.cpp
index 41ea497ad7..7a1a91948c 100644
--- a/src/sql/kernel/qsqlerror.cpp
+++ b/src/sql/kernel/qsqlerror.cpp
@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ QString QSqlError::nativeErrorCode() const
QString QSqlError::text() const
QString result = d->databaseError;
- if (!d->databaseError.endsWith(QLatin1String("\n")))
+ if (!d->databaseError.isEmpty() && !d->driverError.isEmpty() && !d->databaseError.endsWith(QLatin1String("\n")))
result += QLatin1Char(' ');
result += d->driverError;
return result;