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Revert "QString: preserve embedded NULs when converting from QByteArray"
This partially reverts commit e486d69133178ccce7c75cf48201ab28efb20e44. It broke too many users, even though all of them deserved to be broken. The new functionality will be provided by differently-named functions, where possible (problem: equality operators). I did not revert the fix for the off-by-one error in tst_qtextdocumentfragment.cpp. I also didn't revert the change in the inequality relational operators, since for all strings s1, s2 and s2' where s2' is s2 truncated at the first NUL, s1 < s2 ⟺ s1 < s2' (since NUL < c for any c != 0), and, trivially, for ≤, >, ≥, too. This does not hold for = and ≠, of course, since "foo\0bar" ≠ "foo". [ChangeLog][Important Behavior Changes][EDITORIAL] Reverted: All conversions from QByteArray to QString now preserve embedded NULs... Change-Id: If4b47048b39ae5be6ed08e6d91809626a67ea7f5 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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