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PCRE2: port QRegularExpression to PCRE2
PCRE1 is going towards EOL. PCRE2 is the way forward in terms of new features, performance, and security improvements. The APIs that QRegularExpression uses are similar so the required modifications aren't extensive. The biggest difference comes to JIT-compiling of the pattern. In PCRE1, JIT-compiling did not modify the processed PCRE pattern, but returned a new chunk of data. This allowed multiple threads to keep matching using the same processed data and NULL for the JIT data, until a thread JIT-compiled and atomically set the shared JIT data to the results of the compilation. In PCRE2, JIT-compiling _modifies_ the processed PCRE pattern in a way that it's thread unsafe [1]; the results of JIT-compilation are stored somewhere inside the processed pattern. This means the above approach cannot work -- a thread may be matching while another one JIT-compiles, causing a data race. While waiting for better workarounds from upstream, employ a read/write mutex to protect the matching from JIT-compilation. [1] [ChangeLog][General] QRegularExpression now requires the PCRE2 library, at least version 10.20. Support for the PCRE1 library has been dropped. A copy of PCRE2 is shipped with Qt and will automatically be used on those platforms which lack it. Change-Id: I9fe11104230a096796df2d0bdcea861acf769f57 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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diff --git a/src/ b/src/
index f19b0bd354..ae36cf468e 100644
--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ src_testlib.subdir = $$PWD/testlib = sub-testlib
src_testlib.depends = src_corelib # testlib links only to corelib, but see below for the headers
-src_3rdparty_pcre.subdir = $$PWD/3rdparty/pcre = sub-3rdparty-pcre
+src_3rdparty_pcre2.subdir = $$PWD/3rdparty/pcre2 = sub-3rdparty-pcre2
src_3rdparty_harfbuzzng.subdir = $$PWD/3rdparty/harfbuzz-ng = sub-3rdparty-harfbuzzng
@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@ src_android.subdir = $$PWD/android
SUBDIRS += src_tools_bootstrap src_tools_moc src_tools_rcc
-qtConfig(regularexpression):pcre {
- SUBDIRS += src_3rdparty_pcre
- src_corelib.depends += src_3rdparty_pcre
+qtConfig(regularexpression):pcre2 {
+ SUBDIRS += src_3rdparty_pcre2
+ src_corelib.depends += src_3rdparty_pcre2
SUBDIRS += src_corelib src_tools_qlalr
TOOLS = src_tools_moc src_tools_rcc src_tools_qlalr
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ android: SUBDIRS += src_android
src_tools_bootstrap src_tools_moc src_tools_rcc src_tools_uic src_tools_qlalr \
src_tools_bootstrap_dbus src_tools_qdbusxml2cpp src_tools_qdbuscpp2xml \
- src_3rdparty_pcre src_3rdparty_harfbuzzng src_3rdparty_freetype
+ src_3rdparty_pcre2 src_3rdparty_harfbuzzng src_3rdparty_freetype
sub-tools.depends = $$TOOLS