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Load winsys and gl dynamically in the windows plugin
The dynamic builds (-opengl dynamic) are now functional on Windows. In such a build no components in Qt link to any OpenGL libraries directly and qmake will not automatically add any such libraries to the applications' makefiles. Instead, the libraries are chosen and loaded during runtime and applications are expected to use QOpenGLFunctions instead of direct OpenGLfunction calls. Set the environment variable QT_OPENGL to desktop or angle to skip testing and force the given implementation. The application attributes (AA_UseOpenGLES and such) are also taken into account. The testing logic is same as before: We try to load opengl32 and resolve a shader related function. If this fails, ANGLE is chosen. This allows utilizing full desktop OpenGL on systems that have proper drivers, while a transparent fallback to ANGLE will be done automatically for systems that don't. The latter includes also remote desktop connections. Software rendering via Mesa llvmpipe is supported too. The fallback is automatic on systems where the desktop test fails and ANGLE fails to load or initialize (e.g. due to missing libs like d3dcompiler), as long as a suitable patched build of Mesa is available. [ChangeLog][QtGui] Dynamic OpenGL implementation loading is now supported on Windows. This requires Qt to be configured with -opengl dynamic. Task-number: QTBUG-36483 Change-Id: Ie8bb25a6d55b3a1609b00150aeccd909aec27313 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ contains(QT_CONFIG, concurrent):SUBDIRS += src_concurrent
SUBDIRS += src_tools_uic src_widgets
TOOLS += src_tools_uic
src_plugins.depends += src_widgets
- contains(QT_CONFIG, opengl(es2)?):!contains(QT_CONFIG, dynamicgl) {
+ contains(QT_CONFIG, opengl(es2)?) {
SUBDIRS += src_opengl
src_plugins.depends += src_opengl