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Basic high-dpi "retina" support for Qt 5.
Bring Qt 5 on par with Qt 4, prepare for more comprehensive support later on. Introduce device independent pixels (dips), device pixels, and devicePixelRatio. Add high-dpi support to QPainter, QGLWidget, the cocoa platform plugin, mac and fusion styles. Dips are similar to CSS pixels, Apple points and Android density-independent pixels. Device pixels are pixels in the backing store/physical pixels on screen. devicePixelRatio is the ratio between them, which is 1.0 on standard displays and 2.0 on "retina" displays. New API: QImage::devicePixelRatio() and setDevicePixelRatio() QPixmap::devicePixelRatio() and setDevicePixelRatio() QWindow::devicePixelRatio() QScreen::devicePixelRatio() QGuiApplicaiton::devicePixelRatio() Change-Id: If98c3ca9bfdf0e1bdbcf7574cd5b912c9ff63856 Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <> Reviewed-by: Gunnar Sletta <>
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