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Add minimumtotal option to improve accuracy of short-lived benchmarks.
Short-lived benchmarks (benchmarks that complete in a very short period of measured time) are often more affected by jitter and warm-up effects than longer running benchmarks. Since QBENCHMARK stores the median result of all accepted benchmark runs, a larger number of aggregation runs is preferable for short-lived tests, but not necessarily for longer running ones. The minimumtotal option, specified in units of the selected measurement, will make the benchmark repeat a benchmark until the total measured cost exceeds the specified threshold. The displayed median result will then tend to be more accurate. This is especially useful for data-driven benchmarks in case the data tags scale the benchmarked operation from little to large cost. Change-Id: Ib857de64aaffc77715a0000d36f0245f31d86b9a Reviewed-by: Jason McDonald <>
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diff --git a/src/testlib/qbenchmark.cpp b/src/testlib/qbenchmark.cpp
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--- a/src/testlib/qbenchmark.cpp
+++ b/src/testlib/qbenchmark.cpp
@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ QBenchmarkGlobalData::QBenchmarkGlobalData()
, medianIterationCount(-1)
, createChart(false)
, verboseOutput(false)
+ , minimumTotal(-1)
, mode_(WallTime)