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Move qdoc into qtbase and bootstrap it
We need qdoc in qtbase to be able to properly modularize our documentation and build it when building the different Qt modules. qdoc does contain a copy of the qml parser from qmldevtools, but this is the lesser evil compared to how we are currently forced to genereate our docs (and the fact that no developer can run qdoc and check the docs for their module). Change-Id: I9f748459382a11cf5d5153d1ee611d7a5d3f4ac1 Reviewed-by: Casper van Donderen <> Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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+ \example componentset
+ \title QML Documentation Example
+ This example demonstrates one of the ways to document QML components.
+ In particular, there are sample components that are documented with QDoc
+ commands comments. There are documentation comments for the QML components
+ and their public interfaces. The components are grouped into a module, the
+ \l {UI Components} module.
+ The \l{componentset/uicomponents.qdoc}{uicomponents.qdoc} file generates
+ the overview page for the \l {UI Components} module page.
+ The generated documentation is available in the \l {UI Components} module.
+ \section1 QML Class
+ The components use the \l{qmlclass-command}{\\qmlclass} to document the
+ component. In addition, they have the \l{inmodule-command}{\\inmodule}
+ command in order for QDoc to associate them to the \c UIComponents module.
+ QDoc uses the \l{brief-command}{\\brief} command to place a basic
+ description when listing the component.
+ \section1 Properties, Signals, Handlers, and Methods
+ The components have their properties, signals, handlers, and methods
+ defined in their respective QML files. QDoc associates the properties and
+ methods to the components, therefore, you only need to place the
+ documentation above the property, method, or signal.
+ To document the type of a \e {property alias}, you must use the
+ \l{qmlproperty-command}{\\qmlproperty} command to specify the data type.
+ \code
+ \qmlproperty int anAliasedProperty
+ An aliased property of type int.
+ \endcode
+ \section2 Internal Documentation
+ You may declare that a documentation is for internal use by placing the
+ \l{internal-command}{\\internal} command after the beginning QDoc comment
+ \begincomment. QDoc will prevent the internal documentation from appearing
+ in the public API.
+ If you wish to omit certain parts of the documentation, you may use the
+ \l{omit-command}{\\omit} and \l{omit-command}{\\endomit} command.
+ \section1 Components with C++ Implementation
+ This example only demonstrates the documentation for components in QML
+ files, but the regular \l{qml-documentation}{QML commands} may be placed
+ inside C++ classes to define the public API of the component.