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Doc: added excludedirs to qdocconf example.
Corrected style issues pointed out in review. Task-number: QTBUG-31801 Change-Id: Ibbc4e5f8dcd8ca129ae945b5e62b15daed47d86d Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@ every statement in the qdocconf file.
sourcedirs += .. \
+ excludedirs = ../../../examples/gui/doc/src/tmp
exampledirs += ../../../examples/gui \
@@ -273,14 +275,30 @@ Add the specified directories to the list of directories containing the \e .cpp
\e .qdoc files used in the documentation.
+ excludedirs = ../../../examples/gui/doc/src/tmp
+The \c excludedirs variable is for listing directories that should not be processed
+by qdoc, even if the same directories are included by the \c sourcedirs or \c headerdirs
+When executed, QDoc will ignore the directories listed.
+\sa excludefiles
exampledirs += ../../../examples/gui \
+\sa examples
\sa examplesinstallpath
Add the two directories specified to the list of directories containing the source
code of the example files.
+If QDoc encounters both \c exampledirs and \c examples, it will look first in the
+\c examples directory. QDoc will accept the first matching file it finds. QDoc will
+search in the directories specified, not in their subdirectories.
imagedirs += images \
../../../examples/gui/doc/images \