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Simplify qtestlib logging code, part 1
Both the old and new XML loggers produce the Complete and Light XML log formats, while only the new logger produces Xunit XML logs. The disadvantage of the new logger is that it is more complex and doesn't produce a partial log if the test fails to terminate gracefully. This behaviour arises because Xunit format output cannot be written correctly until all tests have been executed. This commit removes the Complete and Light XML formats from the new logger, using the old logger to produce those formats and the new logger to produce only Xunit XML. Prior to this commit, the qtestlib selftests demonstrate that the old and new loggers produce identical output for Complete and Light XML. This commit also removes the undocumented -flush command-line option, which was used rather obscurely to select between the old and new loggers. The newer logger will be renamed to QXunitTestLogger in a subsequent commit. Change-Id: Id304f5b411bdd520409ee233f6bc34e8917942ab Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Qt Sanity Bot <> Reviewed-by: Rohan McGovern <>
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diff --git a/src/tools/uic/qclass_lib_map.h b/src/tools/uic/qclass_lib_map.h
index f86f458d45..a4b71defd0 100644
--- a/src/tools/uic/qclass_lib_map.h
+++ b/src/tools/uic/qclass_lib_map.h
@@ -527,11 +527,9 @@ QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestMouseEvent, QtTest, qtestevent.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestDelayEvent, QtTest, qtestevent.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestEventList, QtTest, qtestevent.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestEventLoop, QtTest, qtesteventloop.h)
-QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestLightXmlStreamer, QtTest, qtestlightxmlstreamer.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QEventSizeOfChecker, QtTest, qtestspontaneevent.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QEventSizeOfChecker, QtTest, qtestspontaneevent.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QSpontaneKeyEvent, QtTest, qtestspontaneevent.h)
-QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestXmlStreamer, QtTest, qtestxmlstreamer.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QTestXunitStreamer, QtTest, qtestxunitstreamer.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QDBusAbstractAdaptor, QtDBus, qdbusabstractadaptor.h)
QT_CLASS_LIB(QDBusAbstractInterfaceBase, QtDBus, qdbusabstractinterface.h)