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Implement setDoubleStep for QInputDialog
setDoubleStep works in the same manner as for setIntStep in that it is just available for input dialogs getting a double. [ChangeLog][QtWidgets][QInputDialog] Added setDoubleStep to enable changing of the step amount for getDouble(). Task-number: QTBUG-17547 Change-Id: I5cabcfceb23324f8045f2b1e49017644418db01a Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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diff --git a/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.cpp b/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.cpp
index 04d13045e5..4c0f22ae97 100644
--- a/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.cpp
+++ b/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.cpp
@@ -1368,12 +1368,48 @@ double QInputDialog::getDouble(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QStr
double value, double min, double max, int decimals, bool *ok,
Qt::WindowFlags flags)
+ return QInputDialog::getDouble(parent, title, label, value, min, max, decimals, ok, flags, 1.0);
+ \overload
+ Static convenience function to get a floating point number from the user.
+ \a title is the text which is displayed in the title bar of the dialog.
+ \a label is the text which is shown to the user (it should say what should
+ be entered).
+ \a value is the default floating point number that the line edit will be
+ set to.
+ \a min and \a max are the minimum and maximum values the user may choose.
+ \a decimals is the maximum number of decimal places the number may have.
+ \a step is the amount by which the values change as the user presses the
+ arrow buttons to increment or decrement the value.
+ If \a ok is nonnull, *\a ok will be set to true if the user pressed \uicontrol OK
+ and to false if the user pressed \uicontrol Cancel. The dialog's parent is
+ \a parent. The dialog will be modal and uses the widget \a flags.
+ This function returns the floating point number which has been entered by
+ the user.
+ Use this static function like this:
+ \snippet dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp 1
+ \sa getText(), getInt(), getItem(), getMultiLineText()
+double QInputDialog::getDouble(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QString &label,
+ double value, double min, double max, int decimals, bool *ok,
+ Qt::WindowFlags flags, double step)
QAutoPointer<QInputDialog> dialog(new QInputDialog(parent, flags));
dialog->setDoubleRange(min, max);
+ dialog->setDoubleStep(step);
const int ret = dialog->exec();
if (ok)
@@ -1439,6 +1475,31 @@ QString QInputDialog::getItem(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QStri
+ \property QInputDialog::doubleStep
+ \since 5.10
+ \brief the step by which the double value is increased and decreased
+ This property is only relevant when the input dialog is used in
+ DoubleInput mode.
+void QInputDialog::setDoubleStep(double step)
+ Q_D(QInputDialog);
+ d->ensureDoubleSpinBox();
+ d->doubleSpinBox->setSingleStep(step);
+double QInputDialog::doubleStep() const
+ Q_D(const QInputDialog);
+ if (d->doubleSpinBox)
+ return d->doubleSpinBox->singleStep();
+ else
+ return 1.0;
\fn void QInputDialog::doubleValueChanged(double value)
This signal is emitted whenever the double value changes in the dialog.
diff --git a/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.h b/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.h
index 5f06785886..e41d442498 100644
--- a/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.h
+++ b/src/widgets/dialogs/qinputdialog.h
@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT QInputDialog : public QDialog
QDOC_PROPERTY(int doubleDecimals READ doubleDecimals WRITE setDoubleDecimals)
QDOC_PROPERTY(QString okButtonText READ okButtonText WRITE setOkButtonText)
QDOC_PROPERTY(QString cancelButtonText READ cancelButtonText WRITE setCancelButtonText)
+ QDOC_PROPERTY(double doubleStep READ doubleStep WRITE setDoubleStep)
enum InputDialogOption {
@@ -178,6 +179,10 @@ public:
static double getDouble(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QString &label, double value = 0,
double minValue = -2147483647, double maxValue = 2147483647,
int decimals = 1, bool *ok = Q_NULLPTR, Qt::WindowFlags flags = Qt::WindowFlags());
+ // ### Qt 6: merge overloads
+ static double getDouble(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QString &label, double value,
+ double minValue, double maxValue, int decimals, bool *ok, Qt::WindowFlags flags,
+ double step);
QT_DEPRECATED static inline int getInteger(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QString &label, int value = 0,
@@ -188,6 +193,9 @@ public:
+ void setDoubleStep(double step);
+ double doubleStep() const;
// ### emit signals!
void textValueChanged(const QString &text);