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Port uic to QCommandLineParser
Before: ======= Qt User Interface Compiler version 5.2.0 Usage: uic [options] <uifile> -h, -help display this help and exit -v, -version display version -d, -dependencies display the dependencies -o <file> place the output into <file> -tr <func> use func() for i18n -p, -no-protection disable header protection -n, -no-implicit-includes disable generation of #include-directives for forms generated by uic3 -g <name> change generator After: ====== Usage: uic [options] [uifile] Qt User Interface Compiler version 5.2.0 Options: -h, --help Displays this help. -v, --version Displays version information. -d, --dependencies Display the dependencies. -o, --output <file> Place the output into <file> -p, --no-protection Disable header protection. -n, --no-implicit-includes Disable generation of #include-directives. --postfix <postfix> Postfix to add to all generated classnames. --tr, --translate <function> Use <function> for i18n. -g, --generator <java|cpp> Select generator. Arguments: [uifile] Input file (*.ui), otherwise stdin. Notes: * "-dependencies" etc. still work. * -n option still has effect, but technically not only for ui3 files * the fact that the <uifile> parameter is optional wasn't documented * -postfix option was undocumented * -translate alternative for -tr was undocumented The last two points show the benefit of using QCommandLineParser. Change-Id: Ie05cfb9bbe50f4ac2788aa7b6011b2daa1acde6a Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <> Reviewed-by: Laszlo Papp <> Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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