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You can customize the tab order using QWidget::setTabOrder(). (If
you don't, \uicontrol Tab generally moves focus in the order of widget
- construction.) \l{Qt Designer} provides a means of visually
+ construction.) Qt Designer provides a means of visually
changing the tab order.
Since pressing \uicontrol Tab is so common, most widgets that can have focus
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consideration. Unlike palette fiddling, style sheets offer
guarantees: If you set the background color of a QPushButton to be
red, you can be assured that the button will have a red background
- in all styles, on all platforms. In addition, \l{Qt Designer}
+ in all styles, on all platforms. In addition, Qt Designer
provides style sheet integration, making it easy to view the effects
of a style sheet in different \l{QStyle}{widget styles}.
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\nextpage Customizing Qt Widgets Using Style Sheets
\title Qt Designer Integration
- \l{Qt Designer}{Qt Designer} is an excellent tool
+ Qt Designer{Qt Designer} is an excellent tool
to preview style sheets. You can right-click on any widget in Designer
and select \uicontrol{Change styleSheet...} to set the style sheet.
\image designer-stylesheet-options.png
- In Qt 4.2 and later, \l{Qt Designer} also includes a
+ In Qt 4.2 and later, Qt Designer also includes a
style sheet syntax highlighter and validator. The validator indicates
if the syntax is valid or invalid, at the bottom left of the \uicontrol{Edit
Style Sheet} dialog.