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QStyleSheetStyle: add new property to QPushButton: icon
There is currently no proper way to change the icon of a pushbutton from css. But there is a need for doing so (QTBUG-2982), and the typical work-around is to instead use the css property 'qproperty-icon'. But setting qproperties from the style is not a good idea in the first place, since it modifies the state of the widget it draws. Moreover, such properties are only set once (in QStyle::polish()), and will not have any effect on pseudo states, like hover. To close this gap, this patch will add a css property 'icon' that can be set on a QPushButton. This property will follow normal css cascading, and respect pseudo states, equal to any other css property. [ChangeLog][QtWidgets][QStyle] You can now set the CSS property 'icon' on a QPushButton to override which icon to draw. Fixes: QTBUG-79137 Change-Id: Ie7e0b0fa4f19471f51108cd4ca931356219d562e Reviewed-by: Christian Ehrlicher <> Reviewed-by: Jan Arve Sæther <>
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\li Supports the \l{box model}. Supports the \l{#default-ps}{:default},
\l{#flat-ps}{:flat}, \l{#checked-ps}{:checked} pseudo states.
+ Since 5.15, the \l{#icon-prop}{icon} property can be set to
+ override the button icon.
For QPushButton with a menu, the menu indicator is styled
using the \l{#menu-indicator-sub}{::menu-indicator}
subcontrol. Appearance of checkable push buttons can be
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See also \l{#width-prop}{width}.
+ \li \b{\c icon} \target icon-prop
+ \li \l{#Url}{Url}+
+ \li The icon that is used, for widgets that have an icon.
+ The only widget currently supporting this property is QPushButton.
+ \note It's the application's responsibilty to assign an icon to a
+ button (using the QAbstractButton API), and not the style's. So be
+ careful setting it unless your stylesheet is targeting a specific
+ application.
+ Available since 5.15.
+ \row
\li \b{\c icon-size} \target icon-size-prop
\li \l{#Length}{Length}
\li The width and height of the icon in a widget.