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QStyle: deprecate SH_Widget_Animate in favor of SH_Widget_Animation_Duration
This change introduces a new SH_Widget_Animation_Duration style hint that applications can query instead of manually hardcoding the duration of an animation. As default value we use 200, which is the value that was already used in QWidgetAnimator. A value equal to 0 means that the animations will be disabled. This also implies that the SH_Widget_Animate style hint is superseded and can be deprecated. The new style hint is configurable with style sheets. [ChangeLog][QtWidgets][Styles] Added SH_Widget_Animation_Duration style hint which deprecates SH_Widget_Animate. Change-Id: Ic3f5e4f7145a89697f28666aeaecabb1f3c5c96f Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart (Woboq GmbH) <>
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//! [161]
+//! [162]
+* { widget-animation-duration: 100 }
+//! [162]
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\li Whether tool tips are shown on window title bar buttons.
+ \li \b{\c widget-animation-duration*} \target widget-animation-duration
+ \li \l{#Number}{Number}
+ \li How much an animation should last (in milliseconds).
+ A value equal to zero means that the animations will be disabled.
+ If this property is not specified, it defaults to the
+ value specified by the current style for the
+ \l{QStyle::}{SH_Widget_Animation_Duration} style hint.
+ \b{This property was added in Qt 5.10.}
+ Example:
+ \snippet code/doc_src_stylesheet.qdoc 162
+ \row
\li \b{\c text-align} \target text-align-prop
\li \l{#Alignment}{Alignment}
\li The alignment of text and icon within the contents of the widget.