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macOS: Don't keep WA_MacAlwaysShowToolWindow windows always on top
On macOS if an application is no longer active then it will cause any tool windows to hide until the application is active again. For applications that did not want this behavior and thus wanted the tool window to stay visible, the WA_MacAlwaysShowToolWindow flag is available. In order to ensure that this flag is respected, the tool window needs to have its level changed when the application active status changes. Once it is no longer active the window needs to be seen as a normal window, and when it is active then it needs to be set to be a window that is always on top to get the right behavior. Due to various bugs in AppKit we need to explicitly order windows in front during this process, which requires us to then iterate the windows in back-to-front order. For macOS versions < 10.12 there is no way to get an ordered list of windows, so we fall back to using the window creation order. Task-number: QTBUG-57581 Change-Id: If20b4698616707685f83b1378f87593f8169c8c6 Reviewed-by: Andy Shaw <>
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