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Add attribute to enable font and palette propagation in QSS.
By default when using Qt Style Sheets, a widget does not inherit its font and palette from its parent widget. With the Qt::AA_UseStyleSheetPropagationInWidgetStyles application attribute set, propagation when using Qt Style Sheets behaves like it does with regular QWidget::setPalette() and QWidget::setFont() calls. [ChangeLog][QtWidgets] Added the Qt::AA_UseStyleSheetPropagationInWidgetStyles attribute which enables font and palette propagation for Qt Style Sheets. Task-number: QTBUG-37580 Change-Id: I3038c13d61e32625a1a05291c5394eaefd376a68 Reviewed-by: Samuel Nevala <> Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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QSpinBox *ageSpinBox = new QSpinBox(this);
ageSpinBox->setProperty("mandatoryField", true);
//! [95]
+//! [96]
+qApp->setAttribute(Qt::AA_UseStyleSheetPropagationInWidgetStyles, true);
+//! [97]
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\section1 Inheritance
In classic CSS, when font and color of an item is not explicitly set,
- it gets automatically inherited from the parent. When using Qt Style Sheets,
- a widget does \b{not} automatically inherit its font and color setting
- from its parent widget.
+ it gets automatically inherited from the parent. By default, when using
+ Qt Style Sheets, a widget does \b{not} automatically inherit its font
+ and color setting from its parent widget.
For example, consider a QPushButton inside a QGroupBox:
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\snippet code/doc_src_stylesheet.cpp 25
- In contrast, setting a font and propagate using QWidget::setFont() and
+ In contrast, setting a font and palette using QWidget::setFont() and
QWidget::setPalette() propagates to child widgets.
+ If you would prefer that the font and palette propagate to child widgets,
+ you can set the Qt::AA_UseStyleSheetPropagationInWidgetStyles flag, like
+ this:
+ Usage:
+ \snippet code/doc_src_stylesheet.cpp 96
+ When the widget-style font and palette propagation is enabled, font and
+ palette changes made through Qt Style Sheets will behave as though the
+ user had manually called the corresponding QWidget::setPalette() and
+ QWidget::setFont() methods on all of the QWidgets targeted by the style
+ sheet. If this would have caused propagation in C++, it will cause
+ propagation in style sheets and visa versa.
\section1 Widgets Inside C++ Namespaces
The Type Selector can be used to style widgets of a particular type. For