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Doc: Ensure macOS-specific widget docs are generated on other platforms
The Clang parser in QDoc fails to parse the .mm source files if their include files are not found. Add a dummy 'AppKit.h' file under the /doc directory for this purpose, and add its include path to qtwidgets.qdocconf. Task-number: QTBUG-77009 Change-Id: Iaa984cb8f860367cbb7aa95808d26fb69d7da349 Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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+// Dummy header used in documentation build
diff --git a/src/widgets/doc/qtwidgets.qdocconf b/src/widgets/doc/qtwidgets.qdocconf
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--- a/src/widgets/doc/qtwidgets.qdocconf
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@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ project = QtWidgets
description = Qt Widgets Reference Documentation
version = $QT_VERSION
+# dummy macOS headers for generating docs under non-mac platforms
+includepaths += -I./macOS
examplesinstallpath = widgets
qhp.projects = QtWidgets