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Fix documentation typos
This patch fixes 2 simple typos in QGraphicsItem and QPainter documentation and a copy/paste error between QAbstractItemModel's beginRemoveColumns and beginRemoveRows documentation. Change-Id: I32bdc4dc69154a40fe30a5b8c08d0c3a001853f8 Reviewed-by: Harri Porten <> Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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@@ -4516,7 +4516,7 @@ void QGraphicsItem::setMatrix(const QMatrix &matrix, bool combine)
otherwise, \a matrix \e replaces the current matrix. \a combine is false
by default.
- To simplify interation with items using a transformed view, QGraphicsItem
+ To simplify interaction with items using a transformed view, QGraphicsItem
provides mapTo... and mapFrom... functions that can translate between
items' and the scene's coordinates. For example, you can call mapToScene()
to map an item coordiate to a scene coordinate, or mapFromScene() to map