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QMainWindow: move the separator handling in another class
So it will be re-used by QDockWidgetGroupWindow The Layout template argument can be the QMainWindowLayout, or the QDockWidgetGroupLayout. They have a function dockAreaLayoutInfo which return a QDockAreaLayout* or a QDockAreaLayoutInfo*, respectively. These two class have the same interface as far as QMainWindowLayoutSeparatorHelper is concerned. (QDockAreaLayout forward most of its call to the relevant QDockAreaLayoutInfo) The code is mostly moved without modification, but there is a change in startSeparatorMove, because we don't have access to the layoutState to set the fallbackToSizeHints variable, so instead, we do that from QMainWindowLayout::hover. Change-Id: Ic5fa3ee2def3d0155195f751d4770b207732139f Reviewed-by: Sérgio Martins <>
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