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Remove deprecated members from QtWidgets/widgets classes
Cleaning up those that are trivial to remove because they have direct replacements. The QLabel changes to the pixmap/picture getters provide the following migration path: QPixmap *ppix = l->pixmap(); // up to 5.15, warns in 5.15 QPixmap pval = l->pixmap(Qt::ReturnByValue); // new in 5.15, works in 6 QPixmap pixmap = l->pixmap(); // from Qt 6 on The overload with argument can be deprecated after the first LTS or so. Change-Id: I8494ceeea55b2aeda0bd340640ad95cb7c91f7d6 Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <> Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <>
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@@ -1240,11 +1240,6 @@ void QDockWidgetPrivate::setWindowState(bool floating, bool unplug, const QRect
bar on its left side. This can be used to
increase the amount of vertical space in
a QMainWindow.
- \value AllDockWidgetFeatures (Deprecated) The dock widget can be closed, moved,
- and floated. Since new features might be added in future
- releases, the look and behavior of dock widgets might
- change if you use this flag. Please specify individual
- flags instead.
\value NoDockWidgetFeatures The dock widget cannot be closed, moved,
or floated.