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Set the size of the buffer so it is big enough to hold the contents
This will prevent a crash later on when it tries to assign to an index in a QString that has not been allocated. Fixes: QTBUG-81950 Change-Id: Ia0b5648a18f15594eeca07d234bedadcfeb266ac Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <> Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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diff --git a/src/widgets/widgets/qlcdnumber.cpp b/src/widgets/widgets/qlcdnumber.cpp
index 282714843c..8ac7040ea7 100644
--- a/src/widgets/widgets/qlcdnumber.cpp
+++ b/src/widgets/widgets/qlcdnumber.cpp
@@ -713,7 +713,7 @@ void QLCDNumber::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *)
void QLCDNumberPrivate::internalSetString(const QString& s)
- QString buffer;
+ QString buffer(ndigits, QChar());
int i;
int len = s.length();
QBitArray newPoints(ndigits);