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Doc: Remove references to screenshots illustrating different styles
... from widget class descriptions. Use one screenshot from Windows instead. The styles change and the screenshots become outdated very fast, so it is easier to update just one screenshot now and then. The styles can still be seen in the style gallery topics. The image files will be removed in a follow-up commit after all references to them have been removed. Change-Id: Id326c141f4884a2e4f67a4fe8681d8c65f8b24ba Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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@@ -203,6 +203,8 @@ QStyle::SubControl QSliderPrivate::newHoverControl(const QPoint &pos)
\ingroup basicwidgets
\inmodule QtWidgets
+ \image windows-slider.png
The slider is the classic widget for controlling a bounded value.
It lets the user move a slider handle along a horizontal or vertical
groove and translates the handle's position into an integer value
@@ -252,15 +254,6 @@ QStyle::SubControl QSliderPrivate::newHoverControl(const QPoint &pos)
\li End moves to the end (maximum).
- \table 100%
- \row \li \inlineimage macintosh-slider.png Screenshot of a Macintosh slider
- \li A slider shown in the \l{Macintosh Style Widget Gallery}{Macintosh widget style}.
- \row \li \inlineimage windowsvista-slider.png Screenshot of a Windows Vista slider
- \li A slider shown in the \l{Windows Vista Style Widget Gallery}{Windows Vista widget style}.
- \row \li \inlineimage fusion-slider.png Screenshot of a Fusion slider
- \li A slider shown in the \l{Fusion Style Widget Gallery}{Fusion widget style}.
- \endtable
\sa QScrollBar, QSpinBox, QDial, {fowler}{GUI Design Handbook: Slider}, {Sliders Example}