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With the Qt XML classes elements and attributes can be accessed in two
- ways: either by refering to their qualified names consisting of the
+ ways: either by referring to their qualified names consisting of the
namespace prefix and the "real" name (or \e local name) or by the
combination of local name and namespace URI.
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\li A \e {namespace prefix} in a qualified name
is the part to the left of the ":". (\e book is the namespace prefix in
\e book:title.)
- \li The \e {local part} of a name (also refered to as the \e {local
+ \li The \e {local part} of a name (also referred to as the \e {local
name}) appears to the right of the ":". (Thus \e title is the
local part of \e book:title.)
\li The \e {namespace URI} ("Uniform Resource Identifier") is a unique
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The pendent to QXmlStreamReader is QXmlStreamWriter, which provides an XML
writer with a simple streaming API. QXmlStreamWriter operates on a
- QIODevice and has specialised functions for all XML tokens or events you
+ QIODevice and has specialized functions for all XML tokens or events you
want to write, such as \l{QXmlStreamWriter::writeDTD()}{writeDTD()},
\l{QXmlStreamWriter::writeComment()}{writeComment()} and so on.