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QColor: clean up qcolor_p.h
Only qt_get_hex_rgb(const char*, QRgb*) is used outside qcolor.cpp (in qxpmhandler.cpp), so remove all other function declarations from qcolor_p.h, and make the functions file-static in qcolor.cpp, removing their qt_ prefix to avoid confusion. Exception: it turned out that qt_get_named_rgb(const char *, QRgb*) wasn't actually used anywhere, but a follow-up commit will fix this. Adjust interface to that of the QChar overload (add explicit int len). Simplify conditional compilation of QT_NO_COLORNAMES: move the ifdef inside get_colornames, to avoid duplicating the declaration, and remove the empty implementation of get_named_rgb, since their use is already conditional on QT_NO_COLORNAMES not being defined. Change-Id: Iaf685dfbea0b9d3bd010448dac0e95be7b097ce5 Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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