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Fix XCB launch key mapping
They have been reported wrong since Qt 4, and not fixed for behavior compatibility, fixing it for Qt 6. [ChangeLog][X11] XF86LaunchXX keys have been remapped, so the Qt names and X11 names match, instead of being 2 off. Fixes: QTBUG-25261 Change-Id: Ie3a8676439ae3e93a78218c9e7f4443565e84356 Reviewed-by: Gatis Paeglis <> (cherry picked from commit cfd935fe6c26800befc10889afc0aebde311acca) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
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diff --git a/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.h b/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.h
index a3811cd09e..9ad503984a 100644
--- a/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.h
+++ b/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.h
@@ -997,6 +997,7 @@ namespace Qt {
Key_Suspend = 0x0100010c,
Key_ContrastAdjust = 0x0100010d,
+ // We can remove these two for Qt 7:
Key_LaunchG = 0x0100010e,
Key_LaunchH = 0x0100010f,
diff --git a/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.qdoc b/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.qdoc
index 3e8c26016c..97d79f4b1e 100644
--- a/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.qdoc
+++ b/src/corelib/global/qnamespace.qdoc
@@ -1651,24 +1651,24 @@
\value Key_OpenUrl
\value Key_LaunchMail
\value Key_LaunchMedia
- \value Key_Launch0 On X11 this key is mapped to "My Computer" (XF86XK_MyComputer) key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch1 On X11 this key is mapped to "Calculator" (XF86XK_Calculator) key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch2 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch0 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch3 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch1 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch4 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch2 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch5 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch3 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch6 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch4 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch7 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch5 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch8 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch6 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_Launch9 On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch7 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchA On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch8 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchB On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_Launch9 key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchC On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_LaunchA key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchD On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_LaunchB key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchE On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_LaunchC key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchF On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_LaunchD key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchG On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_LaunchE key for legacy reasons.
- \value Key_LaunchH On X11 this key is mapped to XF86XK_LaunchF key for legacy reasons.
+ \value Key_Launch0
+ \value Key_Launch1
+ \value Key_Launch2
+ \value Key_Launch3
+ \value Key_Launch4
+ \value Key_Launch5
+ \value Key_Launch6
+ \value Key_Launch7
+ \value Key_Launch8
+ \value Key_Launch9
+ \value Key_LaunchA
+ \value Key_LaunchB
+ \value Key_LaunchC
+ \value Key_LaunchD
+ \value Key_LaunchE
+ \value Key_LaunchF
+ \value Key_LaunchG
+ \value Key_LaunchH
\value Key_MonBrightnessUp
\value Key_MonBrightnessDown
\value Key_KeyboardLightOnOff
@@ -1694,7 +1694,7 @@
\value Key_ApplicationRight
\value Key_Book
\value Key_CD
- \value Key_Calculator On X11 this key is not mapped for legacy reasons. Use Qt::Key_Launch1 instead.
+ \value Key_Calculator
\value Key_ToDoList
\value Key_ClearGrab
\value Key_Close
diff --git a/src/gui/platform/unix/qxkbcommon.cpp b/src/gui/platform/unix/qxkbcommon.cpp
index 02b5ab5164..f8ef8479e1 100644
--- a/src/gui/platform/unix/qxkbcommon.cpp
+++ b/src/gui/platform/unix/qxkbcommon.cpp
@@ -297,8 +297,7 @@ static constexpr const auto KeyTbl = qMakeArray(
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86AudioRecord, Qt::Key_MediaRecord>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86AudioPause, Qt::Key_MediaPause>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Mail, Qt::Key_LaunchMail>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86MyComputer, Qt::Key_Launch0>, // ### Qt 6: remap properly
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Calculator, Qt::Key_Launch1>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86MyComputer, Qt::Key_LaunchMedia>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Memo, Qt::Key_Memo>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86ToDoList, Qt::Key_ToDoList>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Calendar, Qt::Key_Calendar>,
@@ -406,22 +405,22 @@ static constexpr const auto KeyTbl = qMakeArray(
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86TouchpadOn, Qt::Key_TouchpadOn>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86TouchpadOff, Qt::Key_TouchpadOff>,
Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86AudioMicMute, Qt::Key_MicMute>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch0, Qt::Key_Launch2>, // ### Qt 6: remap properly
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch1, Qt::Key_Launch3>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch2, Qt::Key_Launch4>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch3, Qt::Key_Launch5>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch4, Qt::Key_Launch6>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch5, Qt::Key_Launch7>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch6, Qt::Key_Launch8>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch7, Qt::Key_Launch9>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch8, Qt::Key_LaunchA>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch9, Qt::Key_LaunchB>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchA, Qt::Key_LaunchC>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchB, Qt::Key_LaunchD>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchC, Qt::Key_LaunchE>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchD, Qt::Key_LaunchF>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchE, Qt::Key_LaunchG>,
- Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchF, Qt::Key_LaunchH>
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch0, Qt::Key_Launch0>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch1, Qt::Key_Launch1>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch2, Qt::Key_Launch2>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch3, Qt::Key_Launch3>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch4, Qt::Key_Launch4>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch5, Qt::Key_Launch5>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch6, Qt::Key_Launch6>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch7, Qt::Key_Launch7>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch8, Qt::Key_Launch8>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86Launch9, Qt::Key_Launch9>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchA, Qt::Key_LaunchA>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchB, Qt::Key_LaunchB>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchC, Qt::Key_LaunchC>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchD, Qt::Key_LaunchD>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchE, Qt::Key_LaunchE>,
+ Xkb2Qt<XKB_KEY_XF86LaunchF, Qt::Key_LaunchF>