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Fix DESTDIR handling on Windows for Qt modules != qtbase
On the CI system, we build qtbase with CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX set to a path without a drive letter to support DESTDIR when installing. Other Qt modules are built without CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX set. The Qt6BuildInternals package provides a default value. Since commit e6527e2f73663205a0f36feac5a7feda47fba152 this default prefix is calculated from the current installation location. This default prefix however has a drive letter, breaking DESTDIR support. Broken DESTDIR support in this case means for Android that file(INSTALL) can properly install but stripping will silently fail. We now compare the "real path" of the original prefix from qtbase and the calculated prefix. When they're equal, we use the original CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. Pick-to: dev 6.1 Fixes: QTBUG-92890 Change-Id: I96fb0655e02c5c695722b7e01a32e209cbdea4cc Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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