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Clean up how we build against SDKs on Mac OS
Instead of setting -isysroot in both arch.test, compile.test, the various mkspecs, and sdk.prf, we now propgate the chosen SDK as the qmake variable QMAKE_MAC_SDK, which is then handled exclusivly in sdk.prf. The QMAKE_MAC_SDK variable, and -sdk argument to configure, is expected to be of the short-form name, eg macosx or iphoneos, not a full path, as that's what Xcode also expects. We take care of translating that into a full path for -isysroot/-syslibroot in sdk.prf, using xcodebuild as a helper. Change-Id: I281655b2fa5180c6e78ffdce36824e4a91447570 Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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