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Point out that dynamically modified meta objects are not threadsafe
Given that this is an exception, it doesn't invalidate the general thread-safety of static meta objects, and putting a locking mechanism into Qt for this would be complete over- (and performance-)kill. Task-number: QTBUG-70915 Change-Id: I4a538b977f5c2e8173cb236023e5d9ca34add5b5 Reviewed-by: Ulf Hermann <>
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are returned by classInfo(), and you can search for pairs with
+ \note Operations that use the meta object system are generally thread-
+ safe, as QMetaObjects are typically static read-only instances
+ generated at compile time. However, if meta objects are dynamically
+ modified by the application (for instance, when using QQmlPropertyMap),
+ then the application has to explicitly synchronize access to the
+ respective meta object.
\sa QMetaClassInfo, QMetaEnum, QMetaMethod, QMetaProperty, QMetaType,
{Meta-Object System}