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Doc: add info about the -perf benchmark switch to QtTest's manual
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\row \li CPU tick counter
\li -tickcounter
\li Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, many UNIX-like systems.
- \row \li Valgrind Callgrind
- \li -callgrind
- \li Linux (if installed)
\row \li Event Counter
\li -eventcounter
\li All platforms
+ \row \li Valgrind Callgrind
+ \li -callgrind
+ \li Linux (if installed)
+ \row \li Linux Perf
+ \li -perf
+ \li Linux
In short, walltime is always available but requires many repetitions to
@@ -335,6 +338,16 @@
that were received by the event loop before they are sent to their corresponding
targets (this might include non-Qt events).
+ The Linux Performance Monitoring solution is available only on Linux and
+ provides many different counters, which can be selected by passing an
+ additional option \c {-perfcounter countername}, such as \c {-perfcounter
+ cache-misses}, \c {-perfcounter branch-misses}, or \c {-perfcounter
+ l1d-load-misses}. The default counter is \c {cpu-cycles}. The full list of
+ counters can be obtained by running any benchmark executable with the
+ option \c -perfcounterlist.
+ Note that using the performance counter may require enabling access to non-privileged applications.
\note Depending on the device configuration, tick counters on the
Windows CE platform may not be as fine-grained, compared to other platforms.
Devices that do not support high-resolution timers default to