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Add qprocessordetection.h
This detects the target processor based on preprocessor #defines, setting Q_PROCESSOR_${FAMILY} accordingly. Optional Q_PROCESSOR_${FAMILY}_${REVISION/VARIANT} #defines are also provided, usually dependent on how the compiler is invoked. Currently detected families (and variants) include: ARM (v5, v6, and v7) X86 (i386 and x86_64, as X86_32 and X86_64 respectively) IA-64 MIPS (I, II, III, IV, 32, 64) Other families that currently are not detected, but Qt has (or had) support for include: Alpha AVR32 Blackfin PA-RISC PowerPC (optional 64-bit variant) S390 (and S390X 64-bit variant) SH (and SH-4A) SPARC (SPARC V9) Detection for these is currently commented out, and can be easily enabled later. Change-Id: I571f245c189b9d80c7c3a5369ac595a271f37c8b Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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@ignore_for_master_contents = ( "qt.h", "qpaintdevicedefs.h" );
-@ignore_for_include_check = ( "qsystemdetection.h", "qcompilerdetection.h" );
+@ignore_for_include_check = ( "qsystemdetection.h", "qcompilerdetection.h", "qprocessordetection.h" );
@ignore_for_qt_begin_header_check = ( "qiconset.h", "qconfig.h", "qconfig-dist.h", "qconfig-large.h", "qconfig-medium.h", "qconfig-minimal.h", "qconfig-small.h", "qfeatures.h", "qt_windows.h" );
@ignore_for_qt_begin_namespace_check = ( "qconfig.h", "qconfig-dist.h", "qconfig-large.h", "qconfig-medium.h", "qconfig-minimal.h", "qconfig-small.h", "qfeatures.h", "qatomic_arch.h", "qatomic_windowsce.h", "qt_windows.h", "qatomic_macosx.h" );
@ignore_for_qt_module_check = ( "$modules{QtCore}/arch", "$modules{QtCore}/global", "$modules{QtTest}", "$modules{QtDBus}" );