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CMake: Add support for -binary option for generated resources
Add handling of -binary flag in qt6_add_resources for generated resource file variant. If -binary argument is provided in OPTIONS section of qt6_add_resources function, it will be passed to rcc as argument. File path to output .rcc could be additionally specified by DESTINATION argument. Extra target generated_<resource_filename> will be added to project's 'all' set. Implement tests for new functionality. Fixes: QTBUG-87644 Change-Id: Id1313da499d86f82859d1757c3cfae2d84e894d4 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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@@ -221,3 +221,6 @@ endif()
# FIXME: Needs porting of the qmake .pro files to create the modules and plugins in Qt6 CMake land.
# _qt_internal_test_expect_pass(test_import_plugins BINARY ${CMAKE_CTEST_COMMAND})
+ BINARY test_add_resources_binary_generated)