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CMake: Create a Qt5::<ModuleName>Private target for each module
Make it depend on the corresponding Private target of each dependency. This way, user code can write find_package(Qt5Gui REQUIRED) add_executable(hello hello.cpp) target_link_libraries(hello Qt5::GuiPrivate) and get the private include directories for both Qt5Core and Qt5Gui. Don't create the Private target if any of the private include directories do not exist. This way, if user code uses one of the targets, CMake will issue an error if the private include directories do not exist. Unfortunately the error is somewhat cryptic (eg, 'the "Qt5::CorePrivate" was not found'), but this is still an improvement over an error at compile time. This is an improvement on the situation described in QTBUG-37417 using Modern CMake features. Change-Id: I034f8216c3ec64d1a3309682456a713cac9bf854 Reviewed-by: Kai Pastor <> Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <>
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expect_pass(test_add_binary_resources_delayed_file BINARY test_add_binary_resources_delayed_file)