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QIOSFileEngineAssetsLibrary: bail out early on non-existing dirsHEADdev
QFileSelector::selectionHelper walks through the list of selectors (on iOS, on my phone it's ("ios", "iOS", "en_NO", "unix", "darwin")), creating paths and testing QDir::exists. This ends up in asset file engine trying to load asset for something like: "assets-library://assets/+iOS" etc. ALAssetsLibrary -assetForUrl: returns nil for such url and we start iterating through the assets library. On my phone (e.g.) this takes about ~6 seconds (to iterate through pictures/videos I have), so the image picker is dismissed ~30 seconds after an image was actually selected in a picker view, making an impression it's completely broken. Bail out early on such url, we know we'll fail (with AssetsLibrary giving a warning about invalid asset with UUID(null). Pick-to: 6.5 Fixes: QTBUG-109120 Change-Id: Ia302f4151e3aade830e647a8a260479df2b29d4b Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <>
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