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Fix problems with offset-derived ids for QTimeZone
When creating a time-zone from a UTC+offset name that isn't known to the system, QTimeZone (since the fix to QTBUG-77738 in 5.15.0) falls back to constructing a suitable UTC-offset backend; however, the id of this is not guaranteed to match the id passed in to the constructor. In all other cases, the id of a QTimeZone does match the id passed to its constructor. Some utcOffsetId testcases had different id() than the id passed to the constructor, due to mismatches where a zone was constructed using the fall-back but the generated id included its minutes (as :00) or omitted its seconds. The omission of seconds is clearly a bug, but we also don't want to include :00 for seconds when it's not needed. So change QTimeZonePrivate::isoOffsetFormat() to accept a QTimeZone::NameType to configure how much we include in an id. Its callers other than the relevant constructor (from offset) still get minutes, even when :00, but will also get seconds added if that isn't zero; and the constructor from offset now gets the short form obtained by omitting all trailing zeros. Since all valid whole-hour offset names that do include :00 for the minutes field are in fact known standard offset names, the elision of minutes will only affect zones created by ID in the case of a whole-hour offset given without :00 minutes specifier, so these shall necessarily in fact get the ID passed to the constructor. Creating by UTC-offset with a name that specifies zero seconds will result in a QTimeZone instance whose id() differs from what was passed to its constructor (eliding the :00 seconds and potentially also minutes, if also zero) but this should be the only case where a QTimeZone's id doesn't match the one passed to the constructor, when constructed by id. Fixed inconsistency between the offset-constructor's declaration (taking offset as int) and definition (taking qint32) in the process. Added an id check to the utcOffsetId() testcase. Amended two tests of offset-derived time-zones' IDs, added comments to make clear how one of those differs from a matching standard name test and converted two uses of QCOMPARE(, true) to QVERIFY(). [ChangeLog][QtCore][QTimeZone] QTimeZone instances created by offset from UTC (in seconds) shall now only include minutes in their ID when the offset is not a whole number of hours. They shall also include the seconds in their ID when the offset is not a whole number of minutes. Task-number: QTBUG-87435 Change-Id: I610e0a78e2aca51e12bfe003497434a998e93dc7 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <> (cherry picked from commit 50c63446f525a8625b6315597cb0897d89908d6b) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
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